Hey everyone! My name is Jessica, and I’m a recent McGill University grad working in the political sphere.¬†Most recently, I’ve been working in international diplomacy with the U.S. Departdsc_0879-version-4ment of State.

While in university, I lived and breathed student politics and helped out with quite a few political campaigns. I’ve also been thrilled by major elections and their intricacies ever since I walked into my first class as a Politics and Psychology undergraduate.

I’d love to hear from you! Go to my “Contact Me” page or e-mail jessica.drozd@gmail.com to send me a message, and check out my LinkedIn to learn more about me.


Blog Policy and Guidelines

Anything expressed on this blog is my own opinion and does not reflect the thoughts of my employer or associated organizations. I do not get compensated in any way for my posts.

You’re welcome to share any of my original content on this blog, but please credit me or link to my¬†original post.